S. Tabios
A true blue Asian beauty who rocked the American world with a resounding big bang! My heartfelt thank you for taking time in designing logo and for painstakingly helping out in redirecting and restructuring the site.

Her features is similar to Nicole from PussyCat Dolls and KC Concepcion (a Filipina actress, singer and model).

There’s no need to post her photo, just use your imagination. 😉

Follow her on twitter @TheSoulfulVixen

Tony W.

The man who ultimately inspired the site administrator not only to change the domain name but also to focus on the real deal. Thanks Tony! 😀

How did he do it? That’s his secret. Ask him if you can. :p

Kendrick S.

Ken as I fondly call him is one of the few students who continuously touched base with me ever since I decided to leave the academe few years ago. He’s one of the most adept students I’ve ever had. And he usually pitch in his artistic skills whenever he feels like it and whenever I needed one. 😀  Merci Ken! 😉

Check out his awesome website at

Arnel A.

I don’t know how, but we’ve managed to salvage our friendship even after his relationship with one of my closest friends ended. He’s a damn certified geek (having passed more than a dozen certifications)! Whoa!

Arnel usually lend his helping hand whenever I have some technical and non-technical questions. He may be a “ladies man” (haha!) but he’s certainly a good friend.  We’ve been buddies for 13 years or so. 😀

His passion? Security Science. Check it out! 

Jesse R.

The guy who convinced TheCuriousMe to delay her plan B. A curly, curly geek who helps proofread some of my blog entries, gives tips  on how to make it better and most of all, for lending his laptop. 😀


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