captain underpants

James, my six-year old nephew, was compelled by his parents to stop playing Wii and Xbox and should take an afternoon nap instead. He was very grumpy so his Mom told him to do additional task which is to read three chapters of the Captain Underpants novel when he wakes up from his nap.


After which, he will be subjected to Q & A to make sure that he understood what he read.   I was task to do that because his parents are working. He thought he can easily “manipulate” his way out because I was the one in-charge… We’ll see about that. 😉

captain underpants

Since he can only play after the Q & A, he read the three chapters in a flash! Ha! Then he gave me the book. Check out our fascinating conversation:

Me: Who is the Principal in the story?
(I was asking the question while fiddling the book and reading the three chapters)

James: Mr. Krupp. Tita, you should not read the three chapters, that will take longer.

Me: (I ignored him and continued scanning the pages) Next question, what did George and Harold do?

James: They won the contest… (and he went on explaining the scenario… it was obvious that he did not fully understand what he read. )
Then I asked him random questions regarding Chapter 3.

James: I did not read that. Dad said I can skip Chapter 3. And you’re not suppose to ask difficult questions Tita.

Me: Your Mom said you need to read three chapters. So, you have to read again. And I will ask difficult questions James to make sure you have understood what you have read.
(I did my best to look and sound serious even though I was about to burst into laughter.)

This time, he made sure that he understood what he read and he even extended reading until the beginning of Chapter 4. Ha! We did another round of Q & A. Now, he was able to wittingly answer the questions. 😀

However, he missed to answer this question:
What’s the name of George and Harold’s school?
Do you wanna make a wild guess? 😉

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