I had a great and restful sleep so I decided to do the following in one shot:

*** cook arrozcaldo


*** grill (broil) chicken


*** “cook” perogie


*** heating food in the microwave

It’s indeed a “cooking spree”!  When I opened the oven to check the chicken, after few minutes the alarm went off! It scared the hell out of me! At first, I thought it’s the oven that’s making that crazy sound, so I immediately turned it off.

“the accomplice”

However, the alarm did not stop. I was going nuts figuring out what’s happening. Good thing, Hyan (my housemate) woke up and helped me out by fanning the smoke away from the smoke alarm. He also opened the window for a moment, to let the “snow cold” air in. Miraculously, the sound stopped. Whew!

It turned out, the smoke alarm was triggered because I was cooking so many things at the same time! Considering that the windows and doors are closed and the heater is turned on (it’s Winter!), the room temperature just shoot up to the “hotness” level!


Lesson Learned:
Open the front door and the windows when cooking a lot of dishes all at once!

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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