camera splurge

One of the things that I can’t live without is a camera. It’s not a good feeling if I miss out a picture perfect moment in which rarely happens unless the camera dramatically decides to “sleep for good” or disappear.

I know I’m sentimental but who cares? :p I like to relive the experience with a photo and an article so that I can share it on my site. It saves me time as well in keeping my relatives and friends in the loop about what’s going on.

Anyway, I was walking around the airport while waiting for my flight when I saw a Sony camera. My eyes were glued on the camera while I was standing there racking my brain whether to buy or not.

Another thing that I have laid my eyes on was the ipod touch. I’ve been contemplating to buy an ipod touch for the longest time and the price was cheaper than the camera. As I was weighing the pros and cons on what to buy, my flight’s boarding time (which was 30 minutes away) added pressure and stress in my decision making process.

After a “thorough” deliberation, I finally gave in and bought the camera. There’s a cheaper version but they don’t have the color that I wanted so I opted to get the more expensive one. The thought of capturing the “kodak” (a.k.a.memorable) moments of my vacation pumped up my adrenaline.

I must say, even it put a dent on my budget, it is worth every penny I spent. Whatta great buy!

(Note: This article was created when the lost camera was bought. Please see lost momentus. I’m using my phone’s camera at the moment. :p)


Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p

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