fate or ?

For the past few months, the lady was mulling over guy’s attempt to rekindle their failed relationship. Frequent exchange of heartwarming songs via wave radio was the communication medium for the past couple of months. The guy’s persistence is evident but the sincerity seemed to be lacking because he does not have guts to talk directly to the lady (refer to my thoughts… exactly!).

On the other hand, Antonio (the lady’s colleague) was crawling into lady’s life. Antonio is a typical boy next door type who loves animals and SUVs. He portrays a cold and snub facade but the lady can sense that he is fun to be with, sweet, loving and caring person. Somehow… somewhere… it moved to another level…

The lady wonders if its magic or its just a figment of her wild imagination.She doesn’t want to assume anything so she intended on clarifying things with Antonio in order to clear the air… It didn’t happen. Instead, he expressed his thoughts through songs on air (via kiss, magic and wave radio) the same way as the other guy was doing. Is history repeating itself?

The “conversation” is done through exchange of songs on air and YouTube links via text messages. Strangely, Antonio’s choice of songs were cleverly picked and apt for the situation. He also managed to find a reply to the songs in the nick of time. The lady played it cool because she might be reading more into it than she should be.

It’s evident that there’s something between the lady and Antonio that cannot be explained by words alone… even their common friend, Mitch, thinks so. Unfortunately, the situation is a bit complicated so the lady decided to “stay away” until he sorted out the matter. It’s a feat for her not to communicate with him but she had to endure.

From then on, she hears songs and see things that remind her of Antonio wherever she goes. The lady brushed it off and regarded it as mere coincidence. One afternoon while waiting for the elevator, the lady heard the song which Antonio constantly requested on air via Magic and Kiss radio. The astonishing part is, it’s an unusual song to be played in her side of the world. The lady doesn’t believe in “signs” but that caught her off guard.

It made the lady ponder if this “magic” will still move to another level or is it the case wherein, she should accept that it will never happen and should just move on with her life? What she is certain about is, she won’t dwell over the “what ifs” and the “fallin and flyin” situation of Antonio. Instead, she will do her best to enjoy life to the fullest and work on fulfilling her back up plan, just in case there’s no progress yet by December 2010. Reasonable isn’t it?

Though one thing is inevitable, Antonio changed the lady’s life and captivated her elusive heart. With all the cobweb of confusions and complexities of the situation, in the end, will Antonio be the one to hold the lady in his arms? Or will the lady end up with the other guy… after all?

That remains to be seen.

Lesson to be learned:
It may be tough but stay away until the coast is clear.

Author: thecuriousme

what you see is what you get... :p www.thecuriousme.com

2 thoughts on “fate or ?”

  1. Gee!!! Is this based from a true story coz it sure does resemble mine? I really do feel for the lady. It takes a lot of courage to keep one’s sanity in situation like this. It’s just so sad how men ( in general) now a days don’t know how it is to guard a woman’s heart… It really takes a mature one to think of the lady’s feelings first before his own pleasure. Yes, love songs can be “cheesy” and can really sweep the woman’s feet, but if it’s not coupled with action and spoken words, they’d just turn to mere sounding brass enough to silence a person’s heart for long. And yes.. you’re right.. best option here is to stay away until the coast is clear…

    1. @suigenerislife yes, it’s certainly based from a true story. 🙂 sounding brass? i like that. it also tend to serve as a wet blanket which entails the girl’s heart to be absolutely numb. whoa!

      i’m looking forward to your other comments suigenerislife. bedankt! prettige dag! 😉 God bless.

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